Cryo Micro Station (CMS) Beta-Testing – I

Requirements & worklflow


Academic/Industrial (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Material research).


The CMS add-on can be used in conjunction with standard fluorescence microscopes by Zeiss and Leica (LSM or non-LSM).

  • The CMS occupies 1300 cm x 600 cm x 400 cm (l x h x w) in the LSM plane, plus the space required for the control console and compressor, which can be placed underneath or beside the microscope workbench.
  • Essential operating media are a technology-compatible coolant water and power connection (220 V/ 32 A).
  • The microscope workbench must also be very sturdy (the CMS weighs 70 kg).


Since work is carried out in a high vacuum, samples arranged on standard slides (relative to standard dimensions – Chamber slides etc. possible) must be sealed airtight after they have been covered.


01.04.2016 to 30.05.2016


Setup of the CMS at the user’s facility and removal thereof will be carried out by our service team.

Approximately half a day should be scheduled for both setup and removal. The user will receive instruction and orientation in the use of the CMS lasting 1 day.

A member of the Nanoscopix service team may also be on site during the scientific measurements.