About Nanoscopix

The Nanoscopix team – an exclusive band of enthusiastic scientists, engineers and business economists. The idea to develop applications for cryo-fluorescence analysis was born at the HZDR – the scientific home of the founder, Dr. Kay Großmann.
Dr. Kay Großmann
Project manager
Certified chemical engineer/chemist, founder, ideas generator and technology developer.
Dr. Dieter Merkel
Commercial Manager
Certified engineer, molecular biologist, freelance business consultant. Responsible for business development and funding.
Dr. Sebastian Stalke
Head of Spectroscopy
Certified chemical engineer, loves complicated problems, and solves them. Responsible for application development in spectroscopy.
Christian Schröder
Product development/ Design engineering
Certified mechanical engineer, tinkerer, technical perfectionist.
Paul Trepte
Technical Support
Certified chemical engineer, no stress, the gentle path to success.